Mrs Grace Ng

Grace was an English teacher in Katong Convent, a school famous for producing confident and fluent English speakers, including several tv and radio celebrities. While she was teaching in Katong Convent, she was also responsible for training the student emcees and despite the fact that written components are given more importance in the examinations, her passion has always been helping students excel in the oral examinations.

Being a confident and fluent speaker in both English and Mandarin, Grace has often been chosen to be the emcee and interpreter in school and church and she also represented her school in poetry recitals. With all these, she has honed her skills and accumulated decades of experience in both public speaking and effective inter-personal communication.

As a teacher, Grace was always loving and nurturing that helped her students to be more interested and motivated in the subjects that she taught.

With So Clever’s new workshop “Demosthenes Workshop – Excelling in the PSLE English Oral Examinations”, Grace will be able to impart her knowledge and skills to your children to help them succeed in the examinations with her loving and nurturing